Drawing > Disappearing Ink

“It's a moment that I'm after, a fleeting moment, but not a frozen moment.” -Andrew Wyeth

These drawings were all created with pen and disappearing ink(for the animated segments.) The use of disappearing ink has multiple meanings for me. It allows me to create drawings of the ephemeral which traditional drawing can only hold in a still frame. I was interested in the history of filmmaking and it’s early link to magic lanterns and the suspension of disbelief. Since then, the progression has been towards a more “believable” magic. The use of a cheap magic trick reverses our expectation of slicker looking advanced technology. With video I document the entire life of the drawing that exists as an active moment, not as an artifact at the end of production. There are no cuts or stop frame in the video, no room for correction. The entire process of the drawing is sped up 2000%, which emphasizes the sense of movement. My hand appears throughout, revealing the process of animation and interrupts our belief in the magic of technology.