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“We are time pieces, filled with blood” -Paul Klee

Time flows like blood through a vein, or a current through a conductor. We have “body time” and mechanical time. “Body time” references not only our biorhythms and our instinctive awareness of changes around us (that imply time has passed,) but the more unpredictable starts, stops, spurts, and flows of time that we sense throughout our days. We have all experienced moments when time seems to stand still or move more quickly. Why is this? My task begins with curiosity. We feel time, but with what sense? What is the nature of time? Not so much as a matter of astrophysics, but the everyday experience of the familiar increments our lives are scheduled around. I investigate these ideas by videotaping individuals as they attempt to perceive various increments of time. I consider these to be portraits of profoundly personal moments of introspection as well as the beginning of new ways to measure time and to develop timekeeping devices.